Our education projects incorporate innovative design to inspire and educate whilst adhering to stringent specifications and standards on every faucet.

Tolent has delivered life changing schools, community hubs and inclusive educational spaces, where opportunity and educational spaces lead the way to brighter futures for students.

Our experience in the education sector spans from school refurbishment projects under £500k to large-scale new build projects, which realise iconic educational buildings designed to welcome 6,000+ individuals a day.

With this diverse experience, we have accumulated an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the design process required to adhere to the stringent specifications of the Education Funding Authority and faculty requirements, including the acoustic design and energy efficiency of the buildings.

From classrooms and lecture theatres to state-of-the-art education suites and informal interactive learning spaces, we work closely with design teams to deliver future-proof facilities and modular spaces which offer end users flexible and modern environments to accommodate future learning.