Built on Commitment

We started out in 1983 as a small business, and we’ve grown into one of the North East’s biggest construction companies, with regional bases all over the country. But our values have never changed.

We’re built on commitment.
Commitment to bringing your vision to life.
Commitment to our people.
And commitment to seeing the job through, every time.


We’ve become one of the largest construction companies in the North East, with regional teams working all over the UK. Although we’re leaner than some of our competitors, we’ve got the financial security and collective skills to deliver any project — we excel in the finer details and understand the broader picture.

We’re here to make complex projects straightforward. We work with you so you always know exactly what’s going on, and when you need to talk to our decision makers, you can. We’re not just pursuing the highest possible quality in our construction. We want to build quality relationships too.



Our values are traditional and simple: We look after our people. We take pride in our work. And we get the job finished on time and on budget. From £5,000 projects to £90 million developments, our record speaks for itself: when we make a promise, we deliver it.