Newcastle City Council


The ambitious £20m scheme, which is the most valuable contract ever awarded by the council, is delivering a range of housing options for older people across five sites in Newcastle. 

The age profile of residents in Newcastle is changing with the number of people aged 55 and over projected to grow significantly. As part of Newcastle City Council's ambitious plans to meet the diverse needs of its residents, it set out on a plan to deliver homes that promote both independent living and social inclusion. 

This type of housing requires a high level of investment at a time when there is significant pressure on council resources. To deal with the challenge, the council developed an alternative approach known as the Annuity Lease Back Model (ALBM). 

ALBM has been established to deliver homes across the city by procuring partners that will finance, design and build the homes. The council will lease the land to the partners, who then develop the new homes. Once the homes are completed, the council will lease them back and let them at an affordable rent. The lease deals will last for 40 years at which time the leases will end and all properties and assets revert back to council ownership. 

By working with partners including Waypoint, Kajima Partnerships Ltd, Tolent, P+HS Architects, Homes England and Your Homes Newcastle, 148 new homes for people aged over 55 including assisted living, sheltered apartments, Tyenside flats and bungalows are now underway. 

Set by the council, the design and space standards for these high-quality homes have been set in accordance with the Home Quality Mark (HQM). 

The five sites include:

  • Avison Street - a development of 15 accessible homes for rent. 
  • Clumber Street - a development of 20 assisted living homes for those with care and support needs. 
  • Coniston Court - a development of 34 accessible homes for rent. 
  • Parkway - a development of 61 accessible homes for rent. 
  • Newbiggin Lane - a development of 18 accessible homes for rent. 






148 homes