The Veolia composting facility is situated in Oxton, Nottinghamshire and is a valuable green waste processing facility for the Greater Nottingham area, which utilises waste material to produce quality compost that adds benefit to the local agricultural land.

The existing Veolia open-air composting facility is within the Nottingham Green Belt and receives segregated green waste predominantly originating from local authority collections and household waste recycling centres in the Nottingham area.

The project was part of a larger development plan to expand the capacity of the composting facility from 30,000 tonnes per annum to 55,000 tonnes per annum; with the expanded capacity within the facility to help the company deliver more sustainable waste management facilities.

The works to the existing facility comprised c.800 sq.ft of civils works, including the excavation and installation of mass fill foundations above ground plinths, the construction of reinforced concrete box walls on the sloping site to provide level support to new screening machinery on the composting facility, as-well-as the construction of an external yard slab which provided access to an area of new screening line.

An average of 20 vehicles a day delivered to the site during the programme due to the seasonal nature of the green waste stream which proved challenging for the site team.The heavily restricted access to our site meant that deliveries into the loading area had to be stringently managed.

Once our works were complete the machinery was installed by the client following a 14 day curing period to the new access yard slab.

This project is a fine example of Tolent’s ability to deliver works to a fully operational & extremely busy site; whilst communicating clearly with on-site staff to ensure that our works did not impede upon their service delivery.








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