The project comprised the construction of Triton Knoll's operations base which included a warehouse building including HAZMAT store, storage facility, workshop and office alongside a single-storey commercial building to accommodate the operations staff and control of the offshore wind farm at Grimsby’s Royal Dock.

The operations and maintenance facility will be home for a team of skilled technicians and support staff responsible for maintaining the offshore wind farm for the next 25 years.

Built across almost four acres of prime port location, the project has created a new open-plan office space, complete with a control room, meeting rooms, canteen and gym space with associated showers and locker rooms, as well as a new warehouse facility that includes a HAZMAT store, workshop area and storage facilities. The project also included the construction of a temporary 7,750 sq ft modular building with ancillary fencing, barriers and associated works that is already accommodating the construction team during the current phase of works to build the wind farm.

External works included the construction of a visitors car park to the front of the office building, separate parking for 113 vehicles for offshore staff, surfaced HGV yard area with quayside access, associated drainage and service provisions, entrance barriers, external security systems as well as the installation of a radio communications mast for offshore operations and the installation of a potable water storage tank with the facility to pump water to the quayside for vessels and provide emergency fire water.

The project was phased with phase one comprising the installation of the modular unit, phase two consisting of external works including all drainage, car park, HGC access roads and entrance to the facility and the final third phase realised the construction of the 5,683 sq ft single-storey commercial building and 7,188 sq ft warehouse.








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