Tolent completed recladding works to the Sir Robert Hadfield Wing of the the Northern General Hospital, which, following a post-Grenfel fire risk assessments in 2017, required the removal of the exterior cladding as it was deemed to be an unsuitable fire risk by the NHS Trust.

The project comprised the removal and replacement of 64,500 sq ft of render and 140,000 sq ft of non-combustible fire rated cedar cladding with compliant facade systems and all associated works to the vacant wing which was live and operational throughout the works.

Tolent ensured the complete use of non-combustible products throughout the external build-up to achieve the highest level of fire compartmentation possible, including:

A ROCKWOOL fire barrier system which achieves a reaction to fire classification of A1 as defined in BS EN 13501:1 which require no maintenance; SIDERISE RH ‘Open State’ horizontal cavity barriers which consist of a non-combustible stonewool lamella core, with reinforced aluminium foil faces with a reaction to fire performance to Class 'A1';

As part of our scope of works, we also refurbished the structural framing systems substructure once the external façade was stripped and the new fire barriers systems within the new cladding and render systems were installed.

One of the key challenges of this project was working on the grounds of the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tolent sought key-project status to ensure the safety-critical project could proceed and once we acquired the relevant correspondence we issued this to our subconctrators and supply chain outlining their contractual obligations to continue works.

To ensure quality was tightly controlled, Tolent recorded and inspected all elements of work our works, from removal and recording of samples through the entire programme tasks. This included a combination of standard checklists, hundreds of site audit pro reports zoned around the building, photos, manufacturers inspections, marked up cross referenced drawings, and consultant site visits and reports. These were carried out floor by floor, elevation by elevation and built confidence with all consultants and local authorities through our rigorous quality control processes which ensured there was no margin for error and offered assurances to all stakeholders that the final design and install was fully compliant and of the highest quality.

To ensure our works did not impede on the daily operations of the hospital we held weekly meeting with the Trust occupying the building to communicate updates in regards to localised disruptions and general on-going works.








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