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One of several temporary hospitals across the country, the project at the Nightingale Hospital comprised the conversion of existing industrial unit which took 300+ people working 80,000 construction hours to complete the facility within an ambitious 42 day programme.

Tolent played a pivotal role in the delivery of the NHS Nightingale Hospital in Sunderland, appointed to lead a regional-wide team to transform the vacant building in Washington into a facility that has the capacity to provide 460 beds for patients testing positive for COVID-19 as the NHS braced for the peak of the outbreak in April 2020.

Tolent worked around the clock to deliver the temporary hospital in just over three weeks. At its peak, there were around 240 employees working 24-hour shifts to create the facility, which included the provision of 32 wards as well as modifications to the existing building to create pharmacy facilities and staff welfare areas. Internal works including the installation of new partitions, doors, decoration, flooring, temporary mobile shower/toilet units and builders work to a 9,100 sq ft main hallway in addition to external works which included the installation of M&E plinths, canopies, temporary cabins as well as drainage and façade alterations.

The complex conversion works required:

• 48km of electrical and communications cable - the length of 400 football pitches placed end to end;
• 12,000m of copper pipework;
• 2,500m of ventilation ductwork;
• 920 oxygen, 460 medical air and 460 vacuum outlets for nursing patients with the associated respiratory symptoms;
• 9000m2 of vinyl flooring;
• 7500m2 of plasterboard and stud partition and;
• 1400 litres of anti-microbial paint;

Completing this facility in a matter of weeks is a huge testimony to the power of pulling together to achieve a joint goal and all partners involved – from the NHS, construction contractors and partner organisations – have worked tirelessly to achieve this. My gratitude and thanks go to everyone involved.

Dame Jackie Daniel

Chief Executive of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A fantastic effort and my sincere thanks to Tolent and those subcontractors who worked on this project. Exemplary each and every one. What a great success. Very best wishes.

Rob Smith

Director of Estates/ Facilities at Newcastle Hospitals NHS FT & NHS North East Nightingale








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