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Tolent delivered 82 two, three and four-bedroom homes in Stockton-on-Tees for the private sales market to a 237,000 sq ft riverside site. The development saw the redevelopment of industrial land to create a mix of two and three-storey homes, with the three-storey properties on the banks overlooking the River Tees exploiting its south-facing riverside location.

The development included three housing typologies intended to cater for different budgets, lifestyles and spatial requirements: a compact starter home where the density is increased without compromising on space and style; a larger flexible family home which can easily be extended from three to five bedrooms and a lifestyle home for families where the quality of space is as important as the amount of accommodation.

The homes were of traditional construction on piled foundations and the superstructure comprised dark red brick to the ground floor and a mix of dark buff brick and light buff brick to the first and second floors with bonding detail adjoining the windows and balcony doors. The brick bonding detail created a unique look using a pattern of projecting brickwork to enhance the already modern visual created by the rich contrasting tones of the brickwork.

To ensure the highest quality and achieve the client’s design aspirations the project team worked closely with the brick suppliers to obtain samples of the brick bonding detail for the client’s approval and sign off before placing orders.

All homes were built to Secure by Design standard, including all windows, patio doors and sliding folding glazed doors.

The development featured private terraces and balconies as well as communal courtyards and was situated in close proximity to the existing homes built in the previous phases, creating a cohesive community.

The project is the final stage of a £300m redevelopment of the area that will transform the riverside with the c.650,000 sq ft mixed-use development.

Show Homes

To maximise the saleability of the properties, two-storey show homes were constructed on the front of the development as well as three-storey show homes to the riverside.

In order to get electricity to the first phase and show homes, we did not wait until the new substation was procured, delivered and installed to provide the initial power and instead we utilised the available capacity in existing cables which were in the adjacent pavement. This meant that we were able to support early sales by ensuring the show homes were on site within six months following site commencement.

To ensure construction traffic could avoid the show homes, we created an additional opening exclusively for construction traffic which minimised disturbance.

Creating alternative access benefited our client as there was no construction traffic passing the front of the show homes, ensuring a clean, traffic-free roadway for potential buyers viewing the show homes.

To create the second three-storey show home by the riverside, we created alternative pedestrian access from a previous phase through the boundary wall which meant visitors could have ease of access to the show homes and avoid construction traffic and main building works.


Tolent worked closely with the client to develop an aftercare programme which was tailored to their requirements and KPIs and provided the best customer journey for the occupants.

Tolent worked to tight KPIs for the completion of defects on this development, with non-emergency defects being resolved within seven working days. The defect management on the Infinity Riverside project was carried out in two ways depending on the tenure of the property:

Rented Properties: A proportion of the properties were managed by affordable housing provider Thirteen Group and in this instance, the tenants of the properties would report their defects directly to Thirteen Group who would then forward this onto our dedicated Customer Care team who would manage the defect through to completion.

The Customer Care team efficiently coordinate the resolution of the defect via award-winning defect and repair resolution software Clixifix whilst communicating directly with the tenants.

Private Sale Properties: The majority of the properties were for private sale and the homeowners would report their defects directly to a third party defects management company who diagnose the defect and then raise the issue to our Customer Care team who then arrange the appointments and manage the defect and coordinate the issue via Clixifix until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

The project is the final stage of a £300m redevelopment of the area and will deliver a range of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes for the private sales market.


The development challenges traditional styles of housing to create a new concept of modern living with cutting-edge homes to suit everyone from first-time buyers to fully-fledged families.

The project at Infinity Riverside demonstrates Tolent’s ability to deliver a phased development of modern homes to a 237,000 sq ft riverside site whilst segregating live works to maximise the saleability of the properties.








82 houses


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