Our highly experienced teams are suitably trained to carry out Coronavirus (COVID-19) deep cleans throughout the North East and Yorkshire.

We can carry out the COVID-19 deep clean service which includes the disinfection and sterilisation of all high contact areas across:

  • domestic properties
  • care homes
  • sheltered schemes
  • public transport
  • offices
  • commercial buildings
  • temporary site offices and welfare facilities
  • construction sites
  • void properties.

All of our disinfection systems used to carry out the deep clean are compatible with the COVID-19 disinfectants detailed by UK Government guidelines. 

To help with the fight against COVID-19, our deep clean service can be used as a preventative measure to ensure the space is fully sanitised or it can be used to decontaminate an area following a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

A detailed infection control certificate is issued after completion of all works with accompanying photographs of the works completed.

How we do it:

Whilst general cleaning of surfaces is the option most would turn to, this traditional cleaning method is not fully effective for eradicating harmful bacteria and viruses. Wiping down surfaces can actually spread germs, especially when only one cloth is used to clean all surfaces.

During our COVID-19 deep clean disinfection and sterilisation service, we use a fogging machine to kill the germs where they lie. It targets those high contact areas which could be missed or those that are hard to reach by cleaners, such as underneath tables, within keyboards and within the spaces between cupboards.

The disinfecting mist droplets produced are 5 microns in size so that they can reach all of the high contact areas and extended areas of every room, which unlike hand held atomisers and sprays, does this without causing any form of water damage.

The fogging system ensures all surface and airborne bacteria and viruses like COVID-19  are destroyed, so there is no need for pre-cleaning or removal of objects or furniture.

After the deep clean, we use QAC test strips on various touch points to test the surface application to ensure it’s sterile. All works are recorded and shared with you.

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