Benchmark Leisure Limited



Tolent was responsible for the design and construction of the state-of-the-art waterpark development comprising c.50,000 sq ft of leisure facilities. Works included: a wave pool, family pool and heated garden infinity pool with an iodine treatment system; children’s splash and play area; landscaped gardens; four aqua slides; changing village and offices.

As part of the design, provision was also made for; client-fit out of an Alpine-style wellness centre and spa with steam and sauna baths, bubble jet pools and treatment rooms, health bar and restaurant.

Additionally, the development included a large basement to house associated pumps, drainage and water treatment equipment and a separate biodiesel plant building. The substructure of the building comprised pad foundations and ground beams with a concrete basement. The pool walls, overflow channels and associated balance tanks for the pool systems were constructed with reinforced concrete to achieve water-retaining construction to the basement and pool.

The superstructure of the building consisted of a single-storey steel frame with a precast upper floor to accommodate the pool viewing gallery. Some elements of the development, such as the main pool hall’s curved roof and the flume tower, had exposed steelwork to form the desired aesthetic and design concept.

Externally, we constructed a car park for 300nr cars, hard and soft landscaping as well as a substantial drainage scheme which went all the way to an outfall constructed within the promenade seawall 277m away.

Tolent's project manager visited Alpamare’s Water Park in Switzerland to compare materials and see if a similar standard could be achieved in Scarborough. As a result of the field-trip, specialist chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint was used on-top of the smooth concrete finish in lieu of tiles, achieving a safe and high-quality finish.

Similarly, we proposed an alternative material, an imprinted concrete with water-ripple effect, to be used in lieu of tiles; providing product samples to enable the client to visualise the end product. The client was satisfied with the alternative material which was used for all wet areas including the children’s splash and play area and changing village.

A key element was the selecting appropriate materials and finishes which were to be subject to sustained exposure in a marine/swimming pool environment.

In addition to usual standards and regulations we were also required to comply with specifics standards relevant to the field, including:

  • BS EN 15288-1 Swimming pools safety requirements for design
  • BS 13451 Swimming pool equipment
  • BS 1069 Waterslides
  • BS 8007 Water retaining structures
  • BS 5385 Part 4 Tiling in pools
  • BS PAS 39 Pool water treatment
  • Guidelines for Safe Recreational Water Environments Volume 2 – Swimming Pools and Similar Environments by the World Health Organisation








50,000 sq ft


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