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17 Walkergate is a commercial development situated in Berwick upon Tweed, which sits at the most northerly tip of Northumberland, just 3 miles from the Scottish Border.

The project comprised the design and construction of a 15,532 sq ft commercial building, together with external areas, car parking, landscaping and circulation areas. Much to the client’s satisfaction, the scheme was delivered both on time and under budget.

The commercial accommodation was a two-storey structure, arranged in two wings either side of a central entrance and reception core. The building’s substructure comprised concrete pad and strip footings and in situ Continuous Flight Augering (CFA) piles which were chosen because the installation process is virtually vibration free and one of the quietest forms of piling, making it ideal for the sensitive Conservation Area and quiet rural town.

The upper floor of the building featured ceilings at a visually impressive 4.2m high, which created the impression of space and openness within this area. Skylights maximised natural light which supported the spacious aesthetic as-well-as reducing the requirement for additional lighting.

The project at 17 Walkergate is a fine example of Tolent’s ability to deliver a modern & aesthetically impressive commercial building in a rural Conservation Area; whilst ensuring the understated design reflected the historical context of the area.


Berwick upon Tweed






15,532 sq ft